The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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Carnevil - An Exorcise in Fear (11th - 31st October 2017)

October, the month of witching, Halloween, spooks, and the supernatural is almost upon us, but perhaps nothing will prepare you for the greatest fright of your life; Carnevil - an excorcise in fear for adults, that is coming to Galway. Carnevil is the west of Ireland’s first scare attraction, housed in the old Cuba Nightclub above McGettigans.

It seemed like a great idea at the time... Bring over the finest performers from the Caribbean to establish a Cuban paradise in the heart of Galway.

Little did the owners suspect that, in amongst the clowns and performers making the treacherous crossing, were the most fiendish and diabolical practioners of the Black Arts, masters of Voodoo and Witchcraft.

Soon, this brave dream of a Caribbean utopia had descended into utter madness; staff, performers, customers alike were all driven insane or were lost in the black heart of this now monstrous building. It was boarded up.

Never to reopen. Until now...

Carnevil begins on Wednesday October 11th and will end at midnight on Halloween night. Tickets on sale on through, OMG on Shop Street, and the Róisín Dubh. See also

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