The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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Bayview & O'Hallorans Caravan and Camping Parks

O'Hallorans Caravan and Camping Park is a family camping grounds in Salthill, overlooking Galway Bay and on the city bus service (buses every 30 mins. Hot showers, gated park and picnic benches for campers. The nearest caravan park to Salthill & Galway city. Opens May 1st - September 30th

Just 200 metres from O'Hallorans is Bayview Caravan and Camping Park. It is also a family run business offering mobile homes for hire (2 & 3 bedroom) from April - September. In recent years it has become increasingly popular for camper/motor homes, and this facility is available all year around.
Upper Salthill Road,
Galway City,

Rating: 7.70/10 (20 ) 

Review Author John S. / Aug 3, 2009
Lovely location overlooking Galway Bay. The park is very well maintained and reasonably priced. With the right weather there is nowhere i'd rather spend a weekend.

Review Author Richard Finnan / Apr 28, 2010
Do you rent out tents by any chance.

Review Author Admin / Apr 28, 2010
Hi Richard, unfortunately you must bring you own tent to the campsite.

Review Author colm / Sep 22, 2010
I know it might sound crazy....but is tent camping available all year round.



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