The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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Delphi Fishery

Delphi is one of the most famous salmon fisheries in the West of Ireland. Its wide variety of fly fishing, both on river and lake, its spectacular setting and its 170-year angling history, help to make it a special haven for fishermen. Surrounded by the highest mountains in the west of Ireland and with over a hundred inches of rain a year, Delphi is wild, often wet, wonderfully secluded and completely unspoilt. Crystal clear streams feed the magnificent lakes that are all linked to the sea by the pretty Bundorragha River.  The river has over twenty productive pools and, because of the settling effect of the lakes, it almost never colours up, making it ideal for fly-fishing even after very heavy rain. The two main salmon lakes, Finlough and Doolough, could not be more different. Finlough, which the Lodge overlooks, is small, mostly quite shallow and very beautiful. In contrast Doolough is big, deep and awesomely impressive. Both can produce good numbers of salmon at any time in the season.

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