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Hip Kidz Sports & Activity Centre

HipKidz is an interactive sports and activities arena, which, through its scientific technology, has the ability to measure kids' performances across a wide section of sports, activities and motor skills. Through the high-tech audio response system, the HipKidz facility replicates the sounds of a natural stadium and kids respond dramatically and in a positive fashion. 

Instructors bring the groups through the three distinctly different athletics and ball sports zones and there is complete structure, safety and a 'fun-like' discipline to the HipKidz concept and experience. From a mini athletics stadium and ball target impact panels to indoor Gaelic games, rugby, basketball and soccer, HipKidz offers loads of great sports and fun, fitness activities. This club is like an activity version of a giant Playstation, with kids increasing their fitness and athletic ability while having fun across all sporting disciplines. All activities, sports and athletic disciplines are fitted with laser beams/breakbeams, timers, push buttons and sensor padding, allowing all performances, including sprint, accuracy, high jump, long jump and ball skills/targets to be measured. 

The HipKidz ethos is to motivate children through a specially designed TARA Programme, revolving around targets, achievement, rewards and assessment. This high-tempo workout concludes with a healthy meal, from the club's delicious Wild Nettle Restaurant.
Briarhill Business Park,

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