The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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Sail Galway Bay

Seated on the very western edge of Europe, Galway has always had a very unique maritime culture. Over the centuries, ships, trading vessels, fishing and leisure boats have passed through Galway Bay leaving their impression on the heritage of the coastal town. It is reasonable to say that Galway's very existence is due to its location by the wonderful bay and its inhabitants have always felt a strong connection to the sea waters that wash up at its shores.

The only way to fully appreciate Galway is to experience it's unique bond to the Atlanic waters that define it.

 Sail Galway Bay provide skippered yacht sailing, fishing boat trips, powerboating, open boat cruising and various other boating activities along the Claddagh, Long Walk, Galway Harbour, Galway Bay and along the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. 

Our passion for the seas around the West of Ireland stem from generations of sea-faring within our family backgrounds. To say the sea is in our blood is probably the best way to describe our love of the ocean rolling into Galway Bay. 

Our mission statement and reason for setting up SAIL GALWAY BAY is to make the amazing experience, vistas, sense of freedom and adventure accessible to all who have a desire to experience more of the West of Ireland that can be done on land. The West of Ireland is defined by the sea and the dramatic coastlines and beautiful islands it has carved out here. If you wish to understand the nature of the West of Ireland you need to get out on the water..
Claddagh Quay
Galway City

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