The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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In Galway, we are fiercely proud of our deep cultural, artistic and traditional arts heritage.  We invite you to share it with us by joining in the fun during festivals and events, or by spending time at some of our visitor centres and historical sites to get a deeper understanding of our heritage.

One of the most important elements in our culture is the Irish language.  Ireland’s West is fortunate to have Gaeltachts, or Irish-speaking areas, in both Galway and Mayo.  In these areas, you will notice the Irish language on signs and shop-fronts as well as in everyday speech. Here, people still play music, sing and dance in the old traditional manner.

The west of Ireland is also an area of great physical beauty – from the beautiful islands and glistening beaches of the Atlantic coastline, to the dramatic mountains of County Mayo and Connemara, County Galway, and the rich landscape of Roscommon and Galway East.

We look forward to welcoming you to the west of Ireland, and hope that the unforgettable landscape and vibrant culture of our region will make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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