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Kylemore and its lakes are steeped in history. The Castle-like Abbey was built in 1860's by Manchester tycoon Mitchell Henry as a present for his beloved wife. They both fell in love with the area on their honeymoon. The vast sums spent by Henry in building his castle and development of the estate brought employment to the area. Henry's wife died in 1874 and he built the Gothic Chapel in her memory. Henry had his wife embalmed and her body is buried in the mausoleum next to the Church.

The Neo-Gothic Church and the Victorian Walled Garden at Kylemore Abbey have been restored to its former glory in recent years by the Benedictine Nuns.  You will notice as you pass the lakes, the hills on the far side are indented with ridges. These would have been planted with potatoes before the famine (1840's) when locals sought out an existence to feed their families on steep, rocky hillsides. Lake fishing and beautiful walks are synonymous with this area.

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