The Number One Travel Guide for Galway Ireland
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Connemara Day Tours
Some of the many pleasures of Connemara are best sampled by walking and as you walk the road and some of the forestry trails, you will see the golden gorse, red and purple fuchsia, the scarlet of the Rowan, the pink of the Rhododendron and the white of the Hawthorn. You will be able to pick out the lazy beds, as they were called, where tenant farmers mainly grew potato crops, and they are the only sign that is left, maybe, from pre-famine times (1845-1849), of the days when the population so far exceeded that of the present.
Two of the Maamturk mountain range walks are the Western Way and the Máméan Walk to St Patrick’s Bed, which on your return walk has panoramic views right across to Errisbeg Mountain by Roundstone. Over many of the bogs, which are still used by locals for fuel in open fires and ranges alike, there are tracks which can be walked with due care.

Cliffs of Moher Sightseeing Tours

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